First Lady Speaker7’s Initiative


As you may remember, my husband recently won a seat on our legislative body.

This makes me the First Lady-elect of my town.

It has already affected me in many ways. For instance now I’m slightly embarrassed when I’m approached by a constituent in the supermarket and I’m wearing sweatpants covered in dinner stains and cannot remember the last time I ran a brush through my hair. I figure I can correct this with a strand of pearls or a pillbox hat.

I also am aware I need to champion a cause. Michelle Obama has Let’s Move, a campaign designed to improve our health. Laura Bush started the National Book Festival to promote literacy. Nancy Reagan just said no a lot about something…I think fried eggs?…the 80s are very cloudy.

I have to keep in mind that for the most part I prefer little to no social interaction and…

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Ghosts of Writing Past


My WordPress draft folder is a minefield of missed opportunities.

Missed Opportunity #1:

What did I mean when I created a post titled “The State of Florida Loves Me” and then wrote nothing else?

floridahateI guess we’ll never know since I have no recollection of even creating this post. 

Missed Opportunity #2

I thought I had come up with a pretty good idea with this title:

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 3.22.09 PM

Attention-grabbing, yes? I came up with that snazzy title a few days before last year’s NaBloWriMo.

And what were my fantastic ideas?



Pretty compelling, although I think I could really win if I ran on that platform given what passes for politicians these days (Mr. Speaker7 excluded).

Missed Opportunity #3

I could have joined Des on her journey toward finding fabricated marketing synergy on the latest incarnation of The Bachelorette. Instead I have a draft post filled with random notes taken during the…

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The answer is, FTALSTUCEish?

English Lit

I saw this image today on Google images and it really did make me laugh, but it also made me think, how many people get away with the right answer by misspelling ehat it is they are righting? will tis gin us marks or will is make us lose them? Also is spelling inportasnt? is it becoming more inportant now that coreswork is being eradicated and it is all exam baced? Will this help some exseed, or the majorty fail? wot r ur thoutchts?

(sorry for the typos, they were purposeful)

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English Lit

Excuse the title rhyme it awful. Its important that you get this right because; ‘you only get one shot (so make it count) you may never get this moment again’ – JLS

Its important to nail question one so you stand in good stead for the rest of the exam. In question number one you are marked out of 48 marks, which is divided up into 16 per AO. SO if you are good at maths you would have worked out that there are three AOs and you have to cover them ALL in order to get a good grade. yay. 

The students that have done well over the last few years succeeded by;

– using different and original groupings that others may not have thought of.

– Being led by the data given in the exam, showing an open minded approach.

– linking to AO1 and AO2 consistently.


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“Of course what you say is true, but we should not say it publically”

Would you Lie“Would you willingly lie to your children?” asks Rabbi Adam Chalom, Ph.D.  “Would you say this is what happened when you know this is not what happened? There’s an ethical question there.” The lie Rabbi Chalom is referring to is the continued maintenance of the popular belief that the Jewish foundation narrative detailed in the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) chronicles actual historical events, when in fact it’s been known among biblical archaeologists for nearly three generations that the Five Books of Moses (the Torah) and the Deuteronomistic History of the Nevi’im (including the books of Joshua, Judges, and Samuel) are no more a literal account of the early history of the Jewish people than J. R. R. Tolkien’s, The Lord of the Rings, is a literal account of World War 1. “The truth is out there,” continues Rabbi Chalom. “They’ll find this archaeological, evidence-based version of Jewish history… and then…

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