In the world that we live in today with easy access to the world wide web, it seems, in some people’s minds that bulling over the web is better than face to face. I makes sense, as it can be done anonymously but you can still really destroy someone’s self esteem, and now you can even harass people you have never met. I find it incredible how I am signed up to nearly every social networking sight under the sun, and out of all of them, WordPress seems to be the website where I get it the worst.

I have created my two blogs purely to aid my own education, what I publish is purely for work concerning my A levels, and is intended for personal reference and for my teachers to monitor my progress. We all make mistakes but the fact I have been receptively harassed for my spelling is pathetic. I have been accused of giving false information, but I implore that these blogs are my notes and thoughts on what I am learning thoughts my courses and are not intended for other people.

The one person that gives me constant hate for my blogs must get some sort of kick out of making other people feel awful because of a few minor spelling mistakes, but again, it is not intended for their reference.

PLEASE don’t harass people across the internet, it doesn’t make you big or clever, and its honestly pathetic if you can’t say it face to face.


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